About Travel and Life Style Photography

About us!

We are Lais and Thiago

Lais Telles has a degree in Photography from the Catholic University of Pernambuco with a Master in Documentary and Artistic Photography at IPCI, in Porto.

She has done dozens of courses and workshops focused on photography, inside and outside Brazil and working in the area since 2009.
She already worked in newspapers and has published by magazines in the USA, UK, Germany, Ireland and she also has made over three hundred marriages.

After several experiences in photography, she discovered that her passion is to immortalize happiness, love, essence and a little of each person's story and founding En Passant Photography in 2012.


Thiago Salomão has a degree in Advertising from the Catholic University of Pernambuco and entered this world thanks to Lais. Starting as a light assistant, he took courses, attended lectures and workshops, was always studying photography, and climbed step by step until he reached the photographer post.


We share the passion, beyond photography, of traveling and knowing the world. We believe in the beauty of the universe, the power of nature, love, balance and the simplicity of gratitude. Our proposal is to make difference. We always do our best to make each customer feel unique and special. With our eyes, we want to have the opportunity to tell the best moments of your life, show your beauty, know your history, understand your essence, discover your dreams.

Let's go ahead? We look forward to sharing love.


Lais Telles and Thiago Solomão.